Health practitioner reviews

Joy Masters
Head of Clinical Services
Spire Parkway Hospital

"I have been asked many times during my career to recommend a mattress to my patients. My difficulty has always been in recommending one by name, which is what my patients are usually looking for.

In my professional capacity, I was approached by Opurest to trial the Opurest mattress. They claimed the Remelast material which it is made conforms to the curves of the body thereby providing superior support. Rather sceptically I did.

When carrying out the 'push the fist into the mattress' test often carried out when buying a bed from a store, the mattress felt soft.

Lying on the bed brought the greatest surprise as the mattress did conform to the body's natural curves and provided a level of support that I have not previously experienced. We were advised that it may take a little while to get used to a different type of mattress, by night 2 we were sold!

The Opurest mattress is particularly pertinent to low back pain sufferers.

Would I Recommend it?
Yes and have done"

Paul Robinson
The Complimentary Medical Centre

"A perfect night's sleep is massively important, not just for musculoskeletal health but general health. We spend a third of our lives in bed and it is critical for your mattress to support a healthy posture and sleeping position. In the years I have known Opurest and recommending patients to it, I have only ever been 100% satisfied"

Tom Munden
Sound of Health

"You have succeeded in producing a mattress which I feel would suit most people well. This is no small achievement considering how individual a mattress can be"

Yana Albino
Postural support specialist
Independent Living Solutions Ltd

When providing feedback on a patient with Cerebral Palsy

"Thanks, the patient, her family and carers love the Opurest mattress, they said it has improved the quality of sleep and allows her to continuously sleep for up to 6 hours which was not achievable before"