Why choose Merino Wool bedding

Merino lambswool bedding allows you to achieve a more comfortable, healthy and luxurious sleeping environment than using man made fibres. Its numerous benefits make a significant difference to the quality of your sleep, resulting in better overall health and a feeling of well being.


100% natural >>

More and more of us are starting to realise that a natural solution tends to be the best solution, and you cannot find anything more natural than lambswool.
Apart from the obvious benefits to the environment (sustainable, renewable, animal-friendly, non-synthetic and biodegradable), the benefits to us as individuals can be quite dramatic.


Totally breathable >>

Wools natural fibres ‘breathe’, adapting to each individuals body temperature. This breathability, makes wool ideal for couples who require different levels of warmth, as you remain at your own perfect temperature. By achieving this reduction in overheating, restless nights can be a thing of the past, replaced with a deeper and more comfortable sleeping experience.


Reduces and manages moisture and perspiration >>

The unique structure of each individual woollen fibre enables it to absorb and release moisture, creating a drier and healthier environment. In fact, natural Merino wool fibres are so efficient; they can absorb up to a third of their own weight in moisture, yet still feel dry to the touch.


Creates much healthier sleeping conditions >>

Sleeping in temperature controlled and dry conditions reduces discomfort and restlessness, which can result in lowering the heart rate. Damp and clammy conditions (common in the UK) affect sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism, cramp, backache and other joint related problems. For many, the ideal sleeping conditions that wool creates, offers welcome relief from the pain and discomfort associated with these ailments.


The ultimate in comfort >>

If you put to one side all the scientific reasons for choosing Merino wool bedding, comfort is still all important. Sleeping on a soft and sumptuous woollen underblanket, and wrapped in a luxuriously cosy woollen quilt, will provide more comfort than you could imagine possible.


You will never want to use any other type of bedding, and the phrase ‘there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed’ will take on even more meaning.

Ideal for use all year round >>

The natural, breathable, dry, healthy and comfortable conditions that Merino wool creates can be enjoyed all year round. Wool creates its own microclimate, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Wool is the world's most natural thermostat.


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