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At sleepmatters we choose all our manufacturers very carefully to ensure you receive the very best quality products along with a reliable after sales service.

Breasley (Breasley Consumer Products):

  • UK Manufacturer
  • Manufacturers of high quality memory foam mattresses, toppers and pillows
  • Brands: Flexcell, Postureform, Viscofoam and Salus



Classic Vacuum Flex

  • Manufactured under licence in the UK
  • British Standard version of the popular European Eliocel and Biocel mattress
  • Exclusive to sleep-matters
  • Brands: Classic Vacuum Flex




  • UK Manufacturer
  • Manufacturers of top quality memory foam mattresses and divans
  • Winner of the Which magazine 'Best Buy' mattress
  • Family run company with emphasis on quality materials and attention to detail
  • Brands: Healthbeds 




  • UK Manufacturer
  • Manufacturers of premium quality memory foam mattresses, toppers and pillows.
  • Winner of the Which magazine ‘Best Buy’ memory foam mattress
  • Made to measure service available on selected products
  • Brands: Sleepshaper



P & H:

  • UK Manufacturer
  • Manufacturers of hollow fibre pillows and foam toppers
  • Made to measure service available on selected products
  • Brands: P&H and Tranquillity




  • UK Manufacturer
  • Specialists in memory foam conversion
  • Cutting edge manufacturing techniques help to create unique products
  • Memolux mattress range is exclusive to sleep-matters in the UK
  • Brands: Memolux and Memolux Super Soft 


  • UK online retailer
  • Supplier of quality branded products and premium own brand product ranges
  • UK based customer service team
  • Brands: Sleepmatters, Classic Vacuum Flex and Memolux



Total mattress depth

Mattresses are available in a variety of depths but deeper does not always equate to better
Consider the size of any existing fitted sheets you are planning on using
Consider the total height of your bed and mattress to ensure it is easy to get in and out

  • Regular: 20cm (8 inches)
    By far the most popular depth and can provide ample support and comfort for the majority of customers
  • Deep: Over 20cm (8 inches)
    A deeper mattress is often considered a more luxury mattress which tend to be slightly softer depending on its construction. This will affect the overall height of you bed
  • Shallow: Under 20cm (8 inches)
    Usually a budget or children’s mattress


Memory foam depth

Memory foam mattresses are manufactured using layers of foam
Memory foam is used for the top or upper layers
Reflex or high density (HD) polyurethane foam is used for the support or base layer

  • Memory foam tends to be of a higher density than the support foam.
  • As a rule of thumb the deeper the memory foam the firmer the mattress
  • Premium mattresses use multiple layers of memory foam with the top layer being 'super soft' which creates less overall firmness whilst reducing pressure on the body


Number of springs

The number of springs a mattress is stated as having is based on a 5' or king size mattress.
The higher the number of pocket springs the smaller each spring

  • Smaller springs contour round the sleeper more efficiently
  • Reduce rolling toward each other or disturbing your partner
  • The more springs the softer the overall feel tends to be


Mattress cover type

Mattress covers can change the overall feel and performance of the mattress dependant on the materials used and the way the cover is constructed.

  • Outlast Adaptive Comfort
    A modern material designed to adapt to the body and regulate body temperature
    Removable and washable
  • Coolmax
    A modern fabric designed to keep the body cooler
    Removable and machine washable
  • Coolsport
    Unique to the Flexcell brand providing a cool luxury quilted finish
    Removable and washable
  • Luxury quilted
    A soft contemporary cover with hidden zip
    Removable and washable
  • Stretch knit
    A very popular and adaptable fabric usually made from polycotton
    Removable and machine washable
  • Woven Damask
    A hard wearing fabric popular with traditional style tape edge seam mattresses




Sleepmatters product rating

With such a wide variety of options to choose from it can be difficult making your final selection
With our extensive knowledge of the market, the manufacturers and options available we have tried to make your final decision a little easier with a star rating from 1-5
The star rating is based on the following criteria.

  • Our knowledge of the products and market place
  • Customer feedback
  • Quality of manufacturer (after sales service)
  • Price (Value for money)

The sleepmatters product rating will change from time to time based on current customer feedback and any special offers or free gifts that increase the overall value for money.

We reserve the 5 star PLUS rating for those products that we consider to be exceptional quality and value




We sell a number of well known and own brand products from various manufacturers, with one thing in common. Great value!

  • Classic Vacuum Flex
  • Flexcell
  • Memolux
  • P & H
  • Postureform
  • Sleepshaper
  • Sleepmatters
  • Viscofoam
  • Plus others


Unique features

Some manufacturers rely on a high quality reputation others on award winning products or accolades, whilst many look to provide innovative new or unique features.

Retailers look to create unique offers and package deals that can make the overall purchase of much greater value.

Where a manufacturer has created a product that offers something genuinely unique, innovative or of particular value we have tried to bring this to the cusotmers attention.

This information may make choosing the best product from such a wide choice currently available a little easier, examples of these are:

  • Which magazine 'Best Buy'
  • Free gift avaible with this product
  • Combination Firm/Medium option