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Dear Sleep-matters, Thank you for an excellent service. Your advice team were very helpful and enable me to choose the right mattress and quilt and I am very happy with them. I appreciated the phone call to confirm my postcode, thanks.
B Gretham. Braintree.

Great service and wonderful mattress
R Trent. Kent

I would like to apologise for not writing to you unprompted as I was very happy with the service and products. In answer to your questions I found the website easy to follow, the information accurate and informative and everything arrived on time. Yes, I have recommended you to my friends and family.
Customer requested their name and location was not used.

I am more than happy to provide you with a testimonial. I cannot remember how I found the website but having ordered all the products from Pal on a trip in Spain at a cost of £1299 I am so pleased I did. After speaking to Roy I realised I could save over £650 and I cancelled the pal promotions order. When it all arrived I must say I was so pleased, so yes I will recommend you to my friends.
Rachel R Chorley, Wimbledon.

Just a line to let you know that my order has arrived safe and sound. Excellent delivery service which must have been under 48 hours door to door! Again very many thanks for all you efforts.
George Thurstan. PLEYBEN France

First class service, first class products and first call customer service. Sorry I was out on the day I asked for it to be delivered, please thank Louise for sorting it all out, I got it the next day.
Donald Fairbanks. Glasgow

Jane must have thought I was extremely rude when I complained about my mattress not arriving. I did telephone and apologise to Jane myself for shouting and I must say she was very calm with me. My neighbour signed for it when I dropped the kids of to school but I did not know until she got home from work in the evening. Alls well that ends well, the mattress is wonderful and Jane should be given a rise for being so understanding. Sorry again!
Jim Tucker, Theydon Bois

Why don’t you advertise on the TV, your prices are great and more people would know about you?
Mr & Mrs Jones. Leigh-on-Sea

I am pleased to say that I was very impressed with the service I received from sleepmatters. Excellent choice of mattresses, good descriptions and very helpful staff, on the telephone and via emails. This resulted in us choosing the ideal mattress at a price we could afford. Thank you for your help and attention to detail. The customer certainly comes first in your company, which is very refreshing.
M Smith. Lakenheath

I have been on a lot of those Blanket excursions in Spain and Portugal and every time they say you can’t buy these blankets in the UK or you can’t buy them on the internet, what a lot of fibbers. I will be 76 this year so thank you for all the advice and helping me with my order.
Doreen Brake. London


Who needs a 60 day trial, the Flexcell 20 Evolution mattress is fabulous.
H Dresdon. Blackpool.

How do you do it at the prices you charge? We are absolutely delighted with the Sleepshaper original 20 mattress that Roy recommended and we love going to bed.
Mr & Mrs T Strycham. Reading

I ordered a Flexcell Evolution to replace my old Vi spring mattress and would like to tell you how pleased we are with it. Both my wife and I find it extremely comfortable and supportive.
D Pearl. Leicestershire

Dear "SleepMatters" Thank you for your exceptionally swift service. My items arrived on time, as described, and were very well packaged. I am also very pleased with the Sleepshaper Original 25 mattress, itself, too. It's definitely everything that it promised. I will be recommending you to anyone who will listen! Thanks once again,
Mrs G Carruthers. Lanark

When using my Viscofoam mattress for the first time I noticed a significant reduction in pressure on my hip and my husband has seemed to stop tossing and turning all together, I was shocked and surprised that it made such a difference. Over the last few weeks we have both slept better and better. We think it is because we are not constantly tossing and turning to get comfortable and in turn not waking each other up. This has been a true godsend and although I telephoned to thank Roy I wanted to put it in writing for others to see. Thank you again.
E. Gordon-Scott. West Drayton

After having a Tempur for over ten years your Roy convinced me that I would be just as happy with your Memolux New Generation Mattress. I was not convinced but due to my financial situation it was all I could afford at the time. I am absolutely delighted with it and I am writing to you having just helped my mum order one. I never thought I would be showing someone else how to use the internet!
Maria Downer. Stratford upon Avon

This is not an enquiry but a recommendation for your firm. My Outlast Sleepshaper 20cm double foam mattress was delivered on the day promised and also by a reputable delivery company (I've seen white vans delivering to neighbours and I wouldn't want my mattress to have been where theirs have been). The mattress itself was shrink wrapped and once unpacked restored to its normal size in about four hours. It is taking time to get used to it as it is firmer than my previous Silentnight Miratex - but it is in a different league and already my wife and I are sleeping better and we no longer are so warm. It is a much better sleeping environment.
Robert Neilans. Lincoln

I never thought I would wake up and not be complaining about my backache. The Flexcell 700 mattress has made a huge difference to my quality of life. My wife say’s it is like living with a new man. Thanks for the recommendation Paul
Mrs J Chiltern. Rotherham

I just wanted to write and say that I have received an amazing service from your company, especially from one of your salesman, who I think is called Roy(?) He was so helpful and although I had lots of different questions, he didn’t make me feel that I was being a nuisance and gave me excellent advice. (Customer purchased a classic vacuum flex mattress) I have already recommended your company and a colleague has also purchased a Sleepshaper mattress from you. With the next day free delivery, an exceptionally happy customer and I would recommend you to anyone!
With regards Lisa kevern

Thank you very much for your prompt, friendly and efficient service. I ordered the Flexcell 700 mattress on Monday, received an email to confirm the delivery day and my parcel was delivered on time. I would certainly recommend you to all my friends and would not hesitate to use you again in the future.
Graeme & Karen Brown. Kettering

The best price for Flexcell mattress and delivered on the day I requested, first class.
Mrs Decolche. Milton Keynes

Hi Roy, I would just like to thank you for the fast delivery of the Sleepshaper original 25 Outlast mattress. The bed arrived yesterday and may I say it is absolutely gorgeous. It was the best nights sleep we've had for ages. I would like to thank you again and I wish you and your colleagues all the best. Thanks again.
Regards Ruth. Clovenfords

Thank you for my order, I ordered a memory foam mattress and after a glitch when my order was lost, thanks to Roy I eventully recieved my order and I am very pleased with it I have given it a fair try and it has solved my sleep problems. I always woke with hip and back pain but after using my memory foam mattress my painful nights are over. so once again thank you. yours sincerely
Mrs Pauline Jackson ( Matlock Bath).

Merino Wool Bedding

Ordered a merino wool underlay on a blanket trip in Feurteventura last year. Before purchasing, I asked rep if there was a website back home that I could purchase their products from. She was very vague and advised that there was no VAT in Spain, but I would be subject to VAT in the UK. I checked as soon as I got home and found that I could buy much cheaper online and cancelled order under cooling off period. She did not tell a lie, but was liberal with the truth. I have since taken delivery [order came within 4 days and on the day of the hurricane in Scotland] of a double merino wool underblanket. It cost £190 less than the blanket trip one and it is a fantastic product. The bed is so cosy that we have been in it by 9pm every night and it is a fight in the morning as to who will get up and make the coffee. Thank you for such a wonderful product.
Colin Muir Dow. Leslie Scotland

We forgot before going on holiday to say how delighted we are with our new merino wool bedset, it has transformed our sleep. Please feel free to use our testimonial to future customers. Many thanks.
Jean and Jeff Oran. Basingstoke

The underlay is so cosy and warm, I am sleeping much better.
Joan Marsh. Coventry

Roy You were right! The Duet quilt has changed our sleep completely. John has stopped waking up in pools of sweat every night and I am not tossing and turning anywhere near as much. We will be buying the mattress in a few months when we can afford it, thank you.
Gladys and Gethin. Cardiff

Dear Jane Thank you for rearranging the delivery for me at such short notice. The marino wool blankets and quilt are just gorgeous and I cant wait to get to bed tonight.
Mrs Cheetham, Finsbury Park

Total bliss, I am sleeping like a baby in my woolly bedding, thanks
Paul Gillian. Leeds

The Merino Wool underlay we purchased a couple of months ago is the best £150 I have spent in a long time. It has made such a difference to our sleep that we are quite amazed. If you could stop him snoring as well I will be forever grateful Jean Johnson. Jersey I have read all the information on the website but I still cannot believe that my husband who was always sweating and I who was always cold are both finding the wool bed set feels just right. This stuff must be the best kept secret I have ever found out.
Mrs H Grant. Stirling

We are sleeping like babies under our Duet quilt.
Mr & Mrs Forshore. Hull

The super king merino wool underlay and quilt etc arrived on time and is far thicker than the double underlay we bought on a Blanket Trip in Portugal last year. Not only is it much nicer it was half the price and the quilt is much lighter than the overblanket we had before. Cheap and great quality, makes a nice change.
Mr P J Erwell. Newcastle

Further to your questionnaire. I heard about sleep-matters from a friend, I was very please with the service and I thought the price was very good. I never would have believed that a ‘Wool’ Quilt would be comfortable in the Summer but the Duet quilt has been wonderful all year and I bought the underlay a few months ago.
Tracey Clack. Bedminster

Thank you for a very efficient service, I am sleeping soundly on my underblanket.
Benjamin Broadlowes

Having just turned 92 and using merino wool bedding for the first time, I am sleeping longer each night and in considerably more comfort. You are never too old to try something new; I just wish I had bought them 10 years ago. Please pass on my thanks to Louise who was very patient with me when taking my order.
G. Hetherington. Poole Dorset

We have found the merino wool products have helped us achieve a relaxed night sleep, especially in the Summer. We were recommended to sleep-matters by my husbands’ brother and wife who also love theirs. Please expect a call from my sister in the next week or so.
Mr & Mrs K Lunt Swansea

Since taking delivery of your merino wool underblanket, we are so snug and cosy my wife keeps missing GMTV. Every cloud has a silver lining!
Mr B Wilkes. Littlehampton S Downes. Wakefield

Buying the wool bedset was hassle free. I would recommend sleep-matters
Mr Lunt. Bristol

I learnt all about Merino Wool when I went on a trip in Tenerife but I was unsure about signing up for something in a foreign country, I have just received my merino bed set and I must say it is wonderful and all for under £400. I am 68 years old, hooray for the internet
Mrs Dickley. London

WOW what a difference. I have suffered from arthritis for longer than I wish to remember and did not believe that wool blankets could make much difference, I was wrong. The pain was always worst during the night and first thing in the morning, particularly during the winter. I bought the merino wool topper first which made a big difference and have recently taken delivery of the duet quilt and wool pillow covers. The difference is nothing short of amazing, I am sleeping right through the night and the discomfort in the morning is rare and much much less. As a result of this I feel 10 years younger and have much more get up and go. I recommend merino wool bedding to anyone that will listen.
Doris Blackwell. Blackburn

Your blankets are exactly the same, the mattress is much better quality and it cost me £600 less than my brother spent in Spain. So much for the discounts that were offered by Pal Promotions, what a bunch of crooks.
Graham Kettering. Bolton

Mattress and Woollen Bedding Packages

I wanted to let you know that I have had the best nights sleep in ages, which in turn has meant that I have felt much more energetic today. Thanks for your advice. I bought the complete Mattress and Woollen Bedding package. Now my father is interested in buying one from you! Any commission going?
Ian Holmes. Wigan

I am so overwhelmed with the service I received that I felt I must write to you and say thank you. From the helpful website to the patient staff that assisted me over the phone I am absolutely delighted. After changing my mind twice and then giving the wrong postcode your staff could not have been better. The mattress and woollen topper arrived on the day I requested and are wonderful. I have already ordered a topper for my mother and sister for Christmas presents. Keep it up.
M R Spencer, West Midlands.

Just a quick line to thank you at Sleep matters for delivering my order for the king-size mattress and bedding package deal, and tailoring it to suit my requirements with the sleeping bags alternative, as to having to have the throws.....Everything came as ordered (makes a change these days) and am now sleeping like a bear...really nice. Will be recommending your company to others, Thanks again guys!!!
Stephen Bracki. London

I read your testimonial page with quite a lot of cynicism before I ordered my mattress and blankets from you. I now know why so many people have written in to thank you for your advice, honesty and the money they saved. Your knowledge of your products and the sleeping problem I have was very helpful and I am delighted with everything. It was actually a pleasure to spend my money with such a nice company and will tell everyone I know about you. My new mattress and blankets arrived yesterday and I am so delighted with them that I had to write to tell you. My last bed was very expensive and still quite new but I was never happy with it. I was slightly dubious about buying on the internet but your 60 day trial gave me the confidence. I realise I have only slept on it one night but the difference is absolutely amazing. If you decide to put this on your testimonial page I would like other customers know that I bought the sleepmatters mattress and bedding package, I highly recommend it. It is only 8.30pm but I am off to bed and I cannot wait.
Dr Brian McGregor. Kennilworth


Thank you for the prompt delivery of my made to measure topper. As I explained the bed in our camper van is an unusual size and the cost of replacing the mattress from the manufacturer was over £800. Your topper has made a huge difference as we love travelling in the camper van but we were waking up with such bad backs we had stopped enjoying our weekends away. We have now used it on five occasions and the difference is incredible. We find it so comfortable that we have just ordered one for our own bed along with the duet quilt that Paul recommended. Thank you for all your help.
MrsW Watson. Derbyshire

Just a quick note to say the mattress topper and quilt arrived safely and we are absolutely delighted with them. They really are as described and would not want to be without them. I would like to thank you personally for your efficient and professional service – I will certainly recommend your company to anyone looking to get a good nights sleep cushions!
Michelle Victor. Southampton

I had never considered a woollen topper before. I must say it is jolly good, I am absolutely delighted with it and sleeping soundly. Your customer service chap was ever so helpful too, many thanks.
Iris Westerton-Jones. Mayfair

Dear Paul I recently purchased a sleepmatters memory topper for my daughter, she had spent a lot of money on a bed when she got married but was always moaning about how hard and uncomfortable it was. She is very pleased with it, but she in also in a state of shock that her old dad uses the internet! Thank you for talking it through with me over the phone and arranging delivery directly to her house. She came to stay last weekend and is now moaning about the bed in our spare room, looks like you will be doing quite well out of our family.
Mr B Greynolds. Folkestone

Many thanks for the quick delivery of my topper. I got a good nights sleep last night for the first time in ages!
N Grey Southampton

I would just like to say what a brilliant service you provided. My mattress topper arrived last Tuesday morning as I requested. I have used it for less than a week and my back has never felt better. I will recommend you to all the old crocks at the bowls club.
Mrs Cavanagh – Thomson. Cumbria

Sleep specialists

I was unsure about the type of mattress I needed and had a lot of questions. The knowledge of the sleep specialists was reassuring and he even advised me to order a cheaper mattress than I intended. I would highly recommend sleep-matters.
G Green. Edinburgh

The sleepmatters mattress that Roy recommended is ‘better’ than he said it would be. I now wake up in no pain at all, which is the first time for years. My wife says she has never slept as well as I am not tossing and turning all night, thanks Roy
J Blythe. Knowle

To potential customers, I had spent approx 4 weeks searching the Internet looking for the right mattress to replace the Slumberland mattress I bought only 4 years ago. Friends had recommended a memory foam mattress but I knew little about them. I rang sleep-matters.co.uk because to be honest the previous five websites failed to answer the phone. Sleep-matters answered on the second ring and I was put through to a so called ‘sleep-specialist’ called Roy. Roy who appeared to know ‘everything’ about memory foam mattresses asked me lots of questions, told me what he thought I needed (which was more than I was going to spend) and said he would price match any other internet site. I thanked him for his time but must admit I thought he was trying too hard to please and the price match offer was just to stop me going anywhere else. Over the next week or so I did eventually speak to another five websites and was very disappointed. None of them asked me any questions about why I wanted a new mattress, only one actually knew anything about their products and three of them asked me “how much are you looking to spend” and then suggested a mattress to match my budget, none of them asked me about my upcoming hip replacement operation! I am sure you can guess where this story is going. I have been sleeping on the sleep-matters mattress Roy recommended for three months, I am enjoying my new hip and my wife and I are sleeping soundly every night. I have since spoken to Roy to tell him the story and apologise for mistaking  'pushy’ with product knowledge, enthusiasm and the desire to solve my problem. I just wished I had called him first and saved the hours of searching. Thanks again Roy.
Gerald Vickers. Amersham

I found searching for a Memory Foam Mattress very confusing. The details and specification for each mattress made it a little easier on your site, however, it was the telephone conversation with Paul that reassured me that I was making the right decision, thanks Paul it is very comfortable.
Brian Stevenson. Windermere

Dear Roy We received the mattress and bedding last week and changed over to the new mattress on Saturday. We absolutely love it! We have used 100% cotton covers and sheets as suggested. We are both sleeping better than we have for ages. And you were right, we will not be exchanging our new quilt for our duvet. Just one problem, it is extremely difficult to get out of our cosy bed in the morning! We'll put some positive feedback on your website within the next few days. Thank you again for your help and patience.
Patricia Brindle

Hi just to thank you for your great service. I ordered my merino wool underblanket on Saturday with free delivery and it was delivered on Tuesday as promised. It's so good and unusual to get a company that delivers on it's promises.Thank you once again.
William Graham

Thank you so much. What wonderful service. A helpful conversation advising which topper to choose (the merino wool)- without which I would have gone for the wrong one. Delivery on the day and exactly as promised and then oohh what a wonderful nights sleep. No more need for an electric blanket; the bed was warm as soon as we got in and the gap between the mattresses had all but disappeared. Two very happy customers!
Sally and Tom Quilligan

Dear sleep-matters,I felt I must email you to state how pleased I am with your products. The quality is excellent and have met all my expectations. Delivery was also commendable. I will certainly recommend your company to my family and friends Many Thanks
Michael Franks